Advances in Astronomy and Space Physics, Volume 9, Issue 1-2, PP. 28-32 (2019)
doi: 10.17721/2227-1481.9.28-32

Creation of in-sky safety system using ADS-B radar receiver based on RTL-SDR device for SLR station Golosiiv

M. S. Vasiuta1, M. M. Medvedsky2

1Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Glushkova ave., 4, 03127, Kyiv, Ukraine
2Main Astronomical Observatory of the NAS of Ukraine, 27 Zabolotnoho str., 03143, Kyiv, Ukraine

The purpose of this work is to develop and assemble the real-time in-sky safety system for SLR (Satellite Laser Ranging) system. It is based on receiving ADS-B protocol aircraft data via RTL-SDR device. This solution represents an asynchronous service in the SLR laser control system. It instantly inhibits SLR laser pulses in order to prevent illumination of an aircraft. The service is ready at the SLR station ‘Golosiiv’ (Ukraine) (EUROLAS Data Center ID – 1824).

pace and satellite communication, geodesy