Advances in Astronomy and Space Physics, Volume 1 (2011)

Numerical modeling of the magnetosphere with data based internal magnetic field and arbitrary magnetopause

P. S. Dobreva, M. D. Kartalev

Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad G. Bonchev Street block 4, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

We present a new model of the magnetospheric magnetic field. Using the finite element method, Chapman-Ferraro problem is solved numerically in the considered approach. The whole magnetic field is a sum of: the dipole field, the field, produced by the internal current systems (cross-tail, Birkeland, ring currents) and the field induced by the magnetopause currents. In contrast to similar earlier models, the internal magnetospheric magnetic fields are taken from Tsyganenko data-based model. The magnetosphere boundary could be arbitrary (generally non-axisymmetric). Input model parameters are the solar wind parameters, the Dst index and the dipole tilt angle. We discuss some results, obtained in three dimensional solution of the Neumann-Dirichlet problem corresponding to a closed magnetosphere.