Instructions for Referees
The first aim of the review process is to hold scientific standards and keep them on a high level. Besides the referee should keep in mind that the AASP main purpose is to be a platform for young scientists. Despite of the authors responsibility for the article quality, the referee is recommended to help young authors in their attempts to create good scientific article.
The referee is not allowed to distribute the information about the manuscripts, including the copies, without author permission. But referee is allowed to consult with colleagues about the review. In general referees should not contact the authors directly.
We would be glad to have answered the questions listed below in a free form. Beside them the referees are allowed to write their reports in a free form. Any remarks the referees wish to deliver to the author should be marked clearly in the report.

Referees present their reviews via E-mail only (

The questions which should be answered:
  1. Does the manuscript contain enough new material for the publication?
  2. Is the manuscript suitable for AASP?
  3. Does the manuscript contain scientific data and suitable results?
  4. Is the manuscript organized in a clear and easy to understand manner?
  5. Are the citations appropriate, adequate, not misused and not forgotten?
  6. Are the descriptions sufficient for understanding of the presented work?
  7. Is the art quality appropriate for the presented work?
  8. Recommendation: I would like to recommend / do not recommend to publish the article.
  9. If revision is recommended, would you like to see the improved manuscript?
  10. Free form detailed comments. Please, provide as clear as possible comments, especially if they need authors corrections and replies.