1. AASP publishes invited review papers and papers of young scientists. In the latter case, at least one of the authors should be below 35 at the moment of submiting. The manuscript should be provided in English. The journal uses British English spelling and grammar.
  2. Submission of a manuscript implies: that the work described has not been published before; that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else; that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities - tacitly or explicitly - at the institute where the work has been carried out.
  3. The manuscript should be prepared by authors using \LaTeXe according to the AASP sample file. The sample file can be downloaded here. Read carefully the comments inside the sample tex-file! The maximum possible number of pages (of pdf file made with the AASP sample) is 6 for young scientists and 8 for invited papers.
  4. The manuscript must contain: names of the authors and their affiliations (with full addresses), an abstract, up to 3 key-words (the list of key-words could be found here).
  5. Every figure for the paper should be provided in a separate file: one figure per file in eps, png, jpg, tiff format. Figures should be black-and-white, with maximum 16 grayscale levels and high contrast. Colour figures should be converted by authors to black-and-white. If the figure contains a plot, axes should have captions with names of plotted values along with their dimensions. Figure caption should be as short as possible. Explanation of the figure should be provided in the paper text.
  6. Every table and figure must be referenced in the text using standard \LaTeXe command \ref{}. Every physical value should have dimensions. Table caption should be as short as possible. Explanation of the table should be provided in the text.
  7. The references have to be sorted alphabetically and given according to the following example:
    Smith A. B., Ivanenko C. D. & Petrov E. F., 2012, ApJ, 700, 46
    If the number of authors is less or equal to 5, all the names should be given, in other cases the names of the first 3 authors (with et al.) have to be given. Provide the references to the published papers. If only a preprint of the paper exists, give the citation in the following form:
    Smith A. B., Ivanenko C. D. & Petrov E. F., 2012, [arXiv:1234.5678]
    If one volume of the cited journal contains more than one issue, and page numbering in all issues is not common within one volume (i. e. pages in each issue start from "1"), the issue number has to be given as well. Each reference should be cited in the text using the standard \LaTeXe command \cite{}. Use the common short names of the well-known journals or provide full titles of the less known journals. In case of conference proceedings the full title of the volume including the names of editors should be given.
  8. All numbers which appear in the text should have units. Apparent and absolute magnitudes should have m as an upper index. Neither mag nor unit-less values are allowed. Numbers from one to twenty, and multiples of ten under 100 should be written out ('one', 'seventeen', 'thirty' istead of 1, 17, 30); all other numbers should be kept as digits (21, 45, 200 instead of twenty-one, fourty-five, two hundred).
  9. The manuscript should be submitted to the Editorial Board as one tar or tar.gz file via e-mail: This archive should contain pdf, tex files and all figures.
  10. The tar/tar.gz file should be accompanied with a letter in which the author(s) express his/her/their will to publish the paper not only in printed media, but also in electronic form on the AASP web-page. In this case the electronic version of the paper can contain the full-colour figures, large tables, additional materials over 6/8 standard pages, but with a special subtitle. The printed version of the paper should directly reference the electronic one.
  11. All the papers are peer-reviewed. The editorial board reserves the right to do necessary editing of the paper text before publishing.
Download instruction with one pdf-file.