The goal of this journal is to publish articles of good quality with the participation of young scientists. We wish to grow up together with the aid of our young authors into famous modern scientific journal running on the basis of high ethical principles. Our best examples are Springer, Elsevier, Thomson Reuters and some other publishers who joined the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

This document states that:

  1. The main editor obligation is to permanently improve the quality of the journal. That includes the attention to the needs of readers, authors and referees, the absolute freedom of expression. We will publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.
  2. The plagiarism is completely excluded. Young scientists are requested to use their own words as freely as possible. They are obliged not to borrow any parts from another article without referencing the source. We consider as a plagiarism the use of the text or its parts from previously published author's articles or articles of their supervisors without references.
  3. Only the articles with original results are acceptable which were not submitted to or not published in the another journal.
  4. All authors of the article, including the young scientists, should made a significant contribution to its preparation.
  5. The data falsification and fabrication are excluded. If such cases are recognized, the article will be withdrawn.
  6. Editorial board has complete responsibility and authority to reject/accept an article; editors should have no conflict of interest with respect to articles they reject/accept; promote publication of correction or retraction, preserve anonymity of reviewers.
Editor-in-chief, Yu.Izotov.