Volume 12, Issue 1-2, 2022
A. G. Safarov, D. K. Ayubov
Determination of the correlation coefficient of selected short-periodic comets of the Jupiter family and solar activity
M. Narziev, H. F. Khujanazarov
Physical properties of the superbolide of Tajikistan based on combined satellite and ground-based observations
P. G. Jorge, C. A. Nicolás, C. B. Andrés
VarStar Detect: a Python library for the semi-automatic detection of stellar variability
I. V. Chemerynska, M. V. Ishchenko, M. O. Sobolenko, S. A. Khoperskov, P. P. Berczik
Kinematic characteristics of the Milky Way globular clusters based on Gaia DR2 data
Hasan Şafak Erdağ, Zehra Can
Disturbances during a geomagnetic storm: a case study on 7 October 2015