Volume 8, Issue 1-2, 2018
O. S. Buhajenko, B. Ya. Melekh
Photoionization modelling of planetary nebulae with realistic density distribution using detailed method for diffuse radiation calculation and Outward Only approximation
D. V. Dzikovskyi, M. V. Vavrukh, S. V. Smerechynskyi
Role of the interparticle interactions and axial rotation in the massive white dwarfs theory
I. O. Koshmak, B. Ya. Melekh
The primordial helium abundance determination using multicomponent photoionization modelling of low-metallicity H II regions
A. A. Maliuk, I. A. Zinchenko
Metallicity calibrations and oxygen abundance evolution in massive galaxies
Iu. V. Babyk
Probing the distant galaxy cluster JKCS 041 on the L−T−M scaling relations