Volume 6, Issue 1, 2016
D. A. Iakubovskyi
Observation of the new emission line at ~3.5 keV in X-ray spectra of galaxies and galaxy clusters
I. O. Kushniruk, Ya. V. Pavlenko; M. C. Gálvez-Ortiz, Z. H. Zhang
Surface gravity and effective temperature of the K5 subdwarf G 224-58 A and Arcturus from the fits to Ti and MgH lines
O. O. Botygina, M. Yu. Gordovskyy, V. G. Lozitsky
Estimation of the flux tube diameters outside sunspots using Hinode observations. Preliminary results
Ya. S. Volvach, A. A. Stanislavsky, A. A. Konovalenko, A. A. Koval, V. V. Dorovskyy
Comparative analysis of decametre 'drift pair' bursts observed in 2002 and 2015
M. Tsizh, B. Novosyadlyj
Evolution of density and velocity profiles of matter in large voids
O. Torbaniuk
Influence of the continuum determination method on the mean transmission in the Lyα forest
R. B. Gnatyk, Yu. N. Kudrya, V. I. Zhdanov
Search for the astrophysical sources of the Fly's Eye event with the highest to date cosmic ray energy E=3.2·1020 eV
N. A. Baru, A. V. Koloskov, Y. M. Yampolsky, R. A. Rakhmatulin
Multipoint observations of Ionospheric Alfvén Resonance
S. Pylypenko, O. Motsyk, L. Kozak
Temperature changes over storms from measurements of spacecraft TIMED
V. Ya. Choliy
Formal estimation of the random component in global maps of total electron content