Volume 3, Issue 2, 2013
Drozd K., Swierczynski E., Ragan E., Buil C.
V407 Cyg and RS Oph -- comparison of two exotic variables
Shchurova A. V., Pavlenko E. P., Malanushenko V. P.
The two accretion states of the polar 1RXS J184542 in 2012
Belan S. P., Shakhovskoy D. N.
Long-term photopolarimetric variability of DD Ser
Fursiak Yu. A.
Fast-growing sunspot groups AR1618, AR1619, AR1620, AR1640 and their features
Baran O. A.
Power spectra of convective motions in the solar photosphere
Glubokova S. K., Chashei I. V., Tyul'bashev S. A., Shishov V. I.
Changes in the spectral index of the interplanetary plasma turbulence in the period of low solar activity from observations of strongly scintillating source 3C 298
Saliuk D. A.
Application of the full reduction technique for solution of equations with vector form non-linearity
Bovchaliuk A.
The spatial variability of PM2.5 over Europe using satellite POLDER-3/PARASOL data
Zaitsev S. V., Rosenbush V. K., Kiselev N. N.
Database of satellite polarimetry
Pomazan A. V., Maigurova N. V.
Optical observations of selected asteroids with measurable Yarkovsky effect
Tugay A. V.
Bright X-ray galaxies in SDSS filaments
Vasylenko A. A., Fedorova E., Zhdanov V. I.
Observations of Sy2 galaxy NGC 3281 by XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL satellites
Sydorenko M. V., Marchenko V. V., Sushchov O. B., Kobzar O. O.
Stochastic scattering in Cen A radio lobes
Kats A. V., Kontorovich V. M.
Explosive evolution of galaxies at high redshifts due to minor mergers
Rogozin D. A., Zadorozhna L. V.
Electromagnetic radiation of superconducting cosmic strings
Tkachuk V. V., Choliy V. Ya.
On the comparison of fundamental numerical ephemerides
Pokhvala S. M., Reshetnyk V. M., Zhilyaev B. E.
Tests of commercial colour CMOS cameras for astronomical applications