Volume 3, Issue 1, 2013
Pilyugin L. S.
Abundance determinations in extragalactic HII regions
Agapitov O. V., Cheremnykh O. K.
Magnetospheric ULF waves driven by external sources
Ghazaryan S.
On the question of detecting granulation signal in CoRoT light curves of A and B stars
Iłkiewicz K., Wychudzki P., Gałan C., Gładkowski M., Dobierski P., Karska A., Więcek M., Tomov T., Mikołajewski M.
Photometric observations of Epsilon Aurigae during the eclipse of 2009-2011
Kushniruk I. O., Pavlenko Ya. V., Kaminskiy B. M.
MgH lines in the spectrum of Arcturus
Chkheidze N., Babyk Iu.
Nonthermal emission model of isolated X-ray pulsar RX J0420.0-5022
Joveini R., Sotoudeh S., Roozrokh A., Taheri M.
Using THELI pipeline in order to reduce Abell 226 multi-band optical images
Kuźmicz A., Jamrozy M.
Central black holes in giant radio quasars
Bovchaliuk V., Bovchaliuk A., Milinevsky G., Danylevsky V., Sosonkin M., Goloub Ph.
Aerosol Microtops II sunphotometer observations over Ukraine
Saliuk D. A., Agapitov O. V.
Vortex and ULF wave structures in the plasma sheet of the Earth magnetosphere
Cheremnykh S. O., Parnowski A. S.
Damping of magnetospheric toroidal Alfvén eigenmodes due to phase mixing
Zhaborovskyy V. P., Pap V. O., Medvedsky M. M., Choliy V. Ya.
Telescope inaccuracy model based upon satellite laser ranging data
Choliy V. Ya.
The discrete dipole approximation code DDscat.C++: features, limitations and plans