Volume 2, Issue 1, 2012
A word from the Editorial Board
In memoriam Siegfried Franck
Sudnik N. P.
Smooth time variation spectra as a tool to study line profile variability in spectra of hot stars
Breus V. V., Andronov I. L., Hegedus T., Dubovsky P. A., Kudzej I.
Two-period variability of the intermediate polar FO Aqr
Punanova A. F., Loktin A. V., Krushinsky V. V., Popov A. A.
CCD VRI photometry of the old open cluster NGC 7142
Kuznetsov M. K., Pavlenko Ya. V., Jones H. R. A., Pinfield D. J.
Spectral investigations of CM Draconis - new results
Polinovskyi G., Pavlenko Ya. V., Tennyson J., Yurchenko S. N., Barber R. J.
Ammonia molecule and its applications in astrophysics
Malygin M. G., Pavlenko Ya. V., Jenkins J. S., Jones H. R. A., Ivanyuk O. M., Pinfield D. J.
Determination of atomic abundances of solar-type stars
Chulkov D. A., Trushin D. I.
On statistical distributions of wide binary stars
Isaeva A. A.
On the selection effects in catalogues of binary stars
Malov I. F., Nikitina E. B.
On the structure of pulsar magnetospheres
Wszołek B.
Spectroscopic families among diffuse interstellar bands
Kuźmicz A., Wszołek B.
Interstellar spectral features and telluric absorption lines
Debudej A., Kusiak S., Ozga J., Wszołek B.
Diffuse interstellar bands towards ο Per and ξ Per
Karnaushenko A. V.
Analytical solution of Kompaneets equation
Dobrycheva D., Melnyk O.
Criteria for galaxy classification in SDSS
Kapanadze B. Z.
X-ray selected BL Lacertae objects: catalogue and statistical properties
Mykhailova M. S.
X-ray and radio emission of kiloparsec jets at large redshifts
Del Popolo A.
On the non universality of surface density of galaxies
Babyk Iu., Melnyk O., Elyiv A.
The distribution of dark matter and intracluster gas in galaxy clusters
Kazimierczak T. A.
The shape and the size of the Universe according to the Poincaré dodecahedral space hypothesis
Lovyagin N. Yu.
Project of program package for exploring of cosmological fractals
Šmída R. for the Pierre Auger Collaboration
Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Sushchov O. B., Kobzar O. O., Hnatyk B. I., Marchenko V. V.
Centaurus A as a plausible source of ultra high energy cosmic rays registered by the Pierre Auger Observatory
Boiko A. I., Melnik V. N., Konovalenko A. A., Abranin E. P., Dorovskyy V. V., Rucker H. O.
Decametric radio bursts associated with the 13 July 2004 CME event at frequencies 10--30 MHz
Andrienko J., Reshetnyk V.
Electronic catalogue of the cometary physical characteristics
Zotov L. V.
Application of multichannel singular spectrum analysis to geophysical fields and astronomical images
Prokhorenkov A. S., Choliy V. Ya.
Parametric modeling of global TEC fields
Mikhailova O. S., Klimushkin D. Yu., Mager P. N.
Pc1-pulsations: the parallel structure in the magnetosphere plasma with the admixture of the heavy ion
Chelpanov M. A., Zolotukhina N. A.
Similarities and differences between heliosphere-geosphere couplings associated with the short and long lived subauroral ionospheric storms: November 2004, F2 region, North East Asia
Saliuk D. A., Agapitov O., Milinevsky G. P.
Magnetized Rossby waves in mid-latitude ionosphere F-layer
Voshchepynets A., Agapitov O.
Trapped fast MGD waves in dayside magnetosphere
Cheremnykh S. O., Agapitov O.
MHD waves in the plasma system with dipole magnetic field configuration