Volume 1, 2011
D. S. Nasonov
Spectroscopy of post-AGB star IRAS01005+7910
E. B. Nikitina, I. F. Malov
Estimations of angles between some axes in radio pulsars from catalog at 1000 MHz
A. Simon, A. V. Bondar, V. M. Reshetnyk
The first spectra for the RX J0440.9+4431 from 2m Terskol telescope
Yu. V. Pakhomov, N. N. Chugai, A. F. Iyudin
Stellar spectroscopy methods for study of supernova remnants
A. S. Saburova
On the massive disks in low surface brightness galaxies
E. S. Shaldenkova
Atomic hydrogen deficiency in spiral galaxies in clusters
D. A. Lacatus, M. Badea, A. R. Paraschiv, O. Tesileanu
Peculiar morphologies of extended extragalactic radio sources from numerical simulations
N. Yu. Podorvanyuk, V. M. Vitrishchak, I. N. Pashchenko, D. C. Gabuzda
Do BL Lacs lack the circular polarization?
V. M. Vitrishchak, I. N. Pashchenko, D. C. Gabuzda
Circular polarization of AGNs on the parsec VLBI scales
I. N. Pashchenko, S. V. Pilipenko, V. M. Vitrishchak
Seyfert galaxies and 'Unified Scheme'
M. S. Mykhailova, V. M. Kontorovich
Influence of low-frequency quasar 3C 273 radio spectrum on X-ray emission of its kiloparsec jet
M. G. Malygin, D. A. Iakubovskyi
Search for cyclotron absorptions from magnetars in the quiescence with XMM-Newton
O. Kobzar, B. Hnatyk, V. Marchenko, T. Bogdan
Propagation of different components of cosmic rays from Centaurus A in the Galactic magnetic fields
O. Sushchov, O. Kobzar, B. Hnatyk, V. Marchenko, T. Bogdan
The influence of extragalactic magnetic fields on the propagation of cosmic rays from Centaurus A
O. A. Baran
Structure of convective flows of the real Solar granulation
A. I. Boiko, V. N. Mel'nik, A. A. Konovalenko, H. O. Rucker, E. P. Abranin, V. V. Dorovskyy, A. Lecacheux
Frequency drift rates of powerful decameter Type III bursts
H. Allawi, W. Al-Ramdhan, A. Al-Sawad
Observation of maximum injection upper limit for energetic proton events according to SOHO/ERNE measurements
M. Szczesniak, R. Szczesniak, A. P. Durajski, M. W. Jarosik,
The secondary radiation of the Earth's ionosphere
D. Saliuk, O. Agapitov
Nonlinear anticyclone structures in the Earth's atmosphere
P. S. Dobreva, M. D. Kartalev
Numerical modeling of the magnetosphere with data based internal magnetic field and arbitrary magnetopause
N. M. Kostogryz
Vertical cloud distribution in the Uranian atmosphere
B. Deka
Ecospheres around binary stars
A. Rozenkiewicz, K. Gozdziewski, C. Migaszewski
Modeling radial velocities of HD 240210 with the Genetic Algorithm
W. Bykowski, G. Maciejewski
Transit timing at Torun Center for Astronomy
J. Drazkowska, M. Hanasz, K. Kowalik
Particle module of Piernik MHD code
V. Ya. Choliy, V. P. Zhaborovskyy
KyivGeodynamics++: software for processing satellite laser ranging data
V. Ya. Choliy, V. P. Zhaborovskyy, V. Taradiy, L. Rykhlova
Determination of the reference frames deflections from optical observations of GNSS satellites
B. S. Safonov
Lucky image performance simulation on the basis of optical turbulence data obtained on Mt. Shatdzhatmaz
C. Chiruta
The modernity of the research of Romanian astronomer Constantin Popovici